Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aishwarya rai wants To Work With Rajni

The highly sought Aishwarya Rai, who was refusing films for more than just a lack of time, she refused to Karan Johar comedy "Dostana", because the quirky situations mentioned in the scenario would not worked.

Karan wanted to throw her with Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. He has now roped Priyanka Chopra for the female lead.

"I opted out of 'Dostana" because the personal relations between the three of us made me uncomfortable. Now that Abhishek and I are married, the type of unusual situations in "Dostana", but in a comic vein, would not have worked, "said
Aishwarya Rai in an interview.

When asked why she accepted superstar Rajnikanth starrer "Robot",
Aishwarya Rai said: 'I want to work with Rajni sir, yaar. It is phenomenal. Everybody is talking about this experience. I will actually go through the experience. It's very important for me to come away with something from my films because I gave so much. "

The film is directed by Shankar, who gave his first break
Aishwarya Rai "Jeans".

"It's a total Rajni Shankar-styled entertainer. There is no logic to why I am willing to do beyond a desire to work with Rajnikanth. Rajni Shankar and cheese have approached me in so many films, it is embarrassing. "

Q And A of
Aishwarya Rai's Interview:

Q: First things first. Did you turn down Karan Johar's 'Dostana'?

A: Yes, I opted out of 'Dostana' because the inter-personal relationships among the three of us made me uncomfortable. Now that Abhishek and I are married, the kind of quirky situations shown in 'Dostana', albeit in a comic vein, wouldn't have worked.'

Q: But 'Dhoom 2' and 'Jodhaa Akbar' worked although you were paired with Hrithik Roshan and not Abhishek?

A: But 'Dhoom' was before marriage and there was no triangle in 'Jodhaa Akbar'. Now the audience can't see me sharing my affections for Abhishek with another guy. I can't tell you why it wouldn't have worked for Abhishek and I as a pair without giving away the plot. Karan Johar wasn't bothered with all these personal considerations, but I felt otherwise. I thought the audience would wonder, 'She likes John and Abhishek equally? No way!'

Q: Now you'll be romancing Rajnikanth in Shankar's 'Robot'?

A: It's a total Rajni-Shankar styled entertainer. There's no logic as to why I agreed to do it beyond the urge to work with Rajnikanth. Shankar and Rajni sir have approached me for so many films, it's embarrassing. Ever since we did 'Jeans' together Shankar has approached me for all his films except 'Boys'.

Rajni sir, being the senior that he is, has shown no egoistic traits in approaching me for his last four-five films. And my refusal to do his films was never misconstrued by him. I admire him for that. It speaks volumes for his seniority and his calibre as a human being to never take offence to my no.'

Q: Is that why you said yes to 'Robot'?

A: This time for 'Robot' it was an immediate yes from me. I just wanted to work with Rajni sir and Shankar. My 'Jeans' with Shankar was a super success. I learnt so much from 'Jeans' and Shankar. 'Robot' too will be a learning experience.

Q: Is it a sci-fi film?

A: It is hard to define. But technically it will take cinema to another level. I can only say I'll come away enriched. It's very important for me to come away with something from my films since I give so much. I want to work with Rajni sir, yaar. He's phenomenal. Everyone speaks of this experience. I'll actually go through the experience.

Q: Well you have a seasoned phenomenon (Amitabh Bachchan) in your own house.

A: Yes, but I share a different equation with the one in my house. They're both institutions. And I'm blessed to work with both. When I look back at all the leading men, directors and technicians I've worked with I feel totally blessed. It's a good place to be in.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Aishwarya Rai Dont Want An Unforgettable Tour

For obvious reasons, the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did not want the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan for the Bachchans Unforgettable tour.

Salman has a huge following NRI and, if included in the tour when it would have been an additional asset for the show, according to Wizcraft.

But Ash was against the proposal as it would have felt that the presence of Salman during the tour might make him feel uncomfortable.

Bollywood mega superstar
Amitabh Bachchan is also not in favor of the wound his step-daughter on the tour.

And the result was that Wizcraft had the idea to abandon the inclusion of Salman although it is very close to Wizcraft and participated in the Apsara awards.

The Unforgettable tour will start in July and Abhishek Bachchan,
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Ritesh Deshmukh, Madhuri Dixit and Akshay Kumar, are set for that.

Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapur, are still not confirmed and talks are under way. They will occur across Europe and the United States, Unis.USA.