Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aishwarya Rai Wishes For Having A Baby

Aishwarya Rai indicates that it appreciates the married life: an expression which clearly showed on its face while it accompanied her husband Abhishek Bachchan with the royal hotel by York in Toronto last week.

It spoke to give instructions of media organized by international entertainment Mumbai-based of Wizcraft unforgettable excursion to announce Bachchans' of 18 countries, beginning July 2008.

He was asked whether it projects is to have a baby, when the regulator with the podiume intervened to point out journalists whom they should limit their questions only related to the unforgettable excursion.

But Aishwarya insisted to answer the question, to say: “I wait with interest to have a baby. I appreciate my married life, no question about it. I have an incredible husband and the life continues. ”

It implied that the marriage does not mean the beginning of following phase. “Yes, there is much more of the responsibilities and the life is agitated, but this (marriage) was a very conscious decision. I am very happy. We take the life while it comes and that take one day at the same time. ”

Ashwarya and Abhishek chose Toronto to announce the launching of their next unforgettable excursion having developed a special affinity for the city, thus after their last visit in January for the first world one of the guru.

“It was very, very the cold that evening, something we are not accustomed to come from Mumbai,” said Abhishek. “When we reached the theatre of Elgin and we left the car, people had awaited fresh fact to survive during hours. We had a walking problem of the car in the theatre because the weather was very cold. To just imagine the difficult situation of the assistances. ”
“That,” additional Abhishek, “left a durable impression on us. And thus all the times that we have the occasion to come here and to make any kind of work or an event, it overpower. it returns to us happy. ”