Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aishwarya Rais's Performance Shocks Ram Gopal Varma

In her first time in its career Aishwarya Rai freely completely went the make-up for Sarkar 2” of Ram Gopal Varma “and the director says that it had the period of his life drawing with it.

“Very frankly, I wondered what it had in the store because I before had ever worked with it. And considering following Sarkar is dark, intense, vintage and true film I was apprehensive about at which distance Aishwarya could throw its immense charm,” IANS called by Varma.

But the bahu of Bachchan took by surprise.

“It shocked me with its execution. Without too many repetitions and certainly without being present all pre-to draw the Aishwarya Rai workshop was held until Amitabh Bachchan and in Abhishek in each scene. Assistances will be shocked with its execution,” Varma known as.

“I cannot see film functioning without it. But to quote me bus statement the film could have functioned without Mr. Bachchan and Abhishek but not without Aishwarya Rai is as to say the “Godfather” could make without Brando and Pacino,” it added.