Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bollywood Queen Aishwarya Rai Rode An Elephant For A Scene

Now that her problems with the department of customs finished, there are merry tidings for the Queen Aishwarya Rai of the beauty of Bollywood. She’s back to Jaipur shoot for Jodha-Akbar d' Ashutosh Gowariker with Hrithik Roshan.

“It goes nice! ” Aishwarya described of Jaipur while it prepared with the growth of the day.

Thus, did it make a horsemanship of horse and the sword-combat up to now?

“None of the on top of, but I am be carried an elephant for a scene. And its name was Lakhi. After Dhoom 2 and its environment and accessories of point, to enter a world of the elephants and splendour of Mughal is a true shock of culture. And a true challenge for Hrithik and me after Dhoom 2,” Aishwarya Rai indicated IANS.

“But which is the life of an actor without challenges? I am with a stage in my career where I must reinvent myself constantly.”

About the turn of elephant, Aishwarya Rai described with a snigger, “it was not exactly a single experience. I am assembled a front elephant for the bride and the damage of Gurinder Chaddha, although very briefly.

“In Jodha-Akbar all is refined better. I guess that I must be the only actress of my generation to have made two turns of elephant.”